Statewide planning


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Coastwest is a State Government initiative aimed at providing opportunities for Western Australians to learn about, conserve and protect our coast.  The Department of Planning administers the Coastwest program on behalf of the West Australian Planning Commission.
  • Coastwest Grants Program 2014/15
    Coastwest - helping communities to care for the WA Coast
  • Coastwest Grants 2013/14 funded projects
    The 2013/14 Coastwest grants round was open for applications from 15 April – 24 June 2013. 42 applications were received and 21 projects to a value of $568,555 were approved for funding. 
  • Coastwest Grants 2012/13 funded projects
    The 2012/13 Coastwest grants round was open for applications from 30 April – 26 July 2012.  58 applications were received and  30 projects to a value of $752,532 were approved for funding.
  • Coastwest grants 2012 funded projects
    The 2012 Coastwest grants round was open for applications from 4 July - 29 September 2011. 46 applications were received.
  • Coastwest grants 2011 funded projects
    The 2011 Coastwest grant round was open for applications from 1 February - 28 March 2011.
    53 applications were received.
  • Useful Contacts
    State Coastwest coordinator and regional coastal and marine facilitators
  • Coastlines Magazines
    Coastlines brings stakeholders and coast and marine care groups throughout WA closer together, by informing them about what events, activities and projects are underway or have occurred around our coast.
  • Coastal Planning and Management Manual
    A community guide for protecting and conserving the Western Australian coast. Information in the manual focuses on guiding development and implementation of coastal management projects in response to local pressures. It has largely been compiled thanks to the skills and experience of the coastal community, and seeks to promote the exchange of ideas within that same community, for better outcomes.
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