Subdivision and planning applications

Subdivision forms and fees

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Please note all application forms are interactive pdf files. You can complete on the screen but can not submit electronically. To submit an application, download the form from the page, complete the form on screen and print copies of your completed form. Please be advised that files cannot be saved unless you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat.

Important information
Please be aware that the agendas and minutes of WAPC meetings are made available on the PlanningWA website. As a result, information supplied to the WAPC relevant to your application or to assist the WAPC in making a determination may be subject to public access.

Freehold or survey-strata subdivision

Endorsement of deposited plan, survey-strata plan or strata plan 

  • Application form 1C  
    You can apply to submit eClearances and pay Form1C online.
    Once the application is successful and login credentials have been received you can log in at http://online.planning.wa.gov.au/eplan/
    Guidance notes for surveyors as well as technical support are available from the login page.
  • Application form 1C (PDF)
  • Application fees - valid 1 July 2013

Amended plan/s for freehold or survey-strata subdivision

Reconsideration of WAPC decision on freehold or survey-strata subdivision

Certificate of approval for a strata plan, re-subdivision or consolidation

Other relevant links:

  • Model conditions schedule- contains conditions that the WAPC may impose for subdivisions, survey stratas and strata applications.
  • Determination notices schedule - contains text in determination notices that are issued by the WAPC for subdivisions, survey strata and strata applications.
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