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Statutory committees

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Schedule 2 of the Planning and Development Act 2005 prescribes various statutory committees with certain roles and functions.

Statutory Planning Committee
The committee is the WAPC’s regulatory decision-making body. Its functions include approval of the subdivision of land, approval of leases and licences, approval of strata schemes, advice to the Minister on local government planning schemes and scheme amendments, and the determination of certain development applications under the Metropolitan Region Scheme.
Committee membership
Statutory Planning Committee Agendas and Minutes
Requests for deputations can be made to the Presiding Member of the Committee.

Executive, Finance and Property Committee
The committee performs the administrative, financial and property functions of the WAPC. Most of its activities centre on monitoring development projects, the acquisition and disposal of property, and associated capital works.
Committee membership

Infrastructure Coordinating Committee

The committee advises the WAPC on planning for the provision of physical and community infrastructure throughout the state. ICC members include representatives from departments with responsibility for land development, housing, commerce, the environment, state development, energy, mines and petroleum, water, health, education and transport. It also includes representatives from the Department of Treasury and the Department of the Premier and Cabinet.

Committee membership

Requests for deputations / presentations can be made to the Presiding Member of the Committee.

The ICC Senior Officers Group has been established to set the agenda for the ICC. All items to be submitted to the ICC must first be considered by the ICC Senior Officers Group. Agency reports are to be prepared using the Agenda report template and once finalised, are to be sent by email to iccsog@planning.wa.gov.au.

A range of supporting documents have been developed.

Sustainable Transport Committee
The committee advises the WAPC on transport planning throughout the State. It has decision-making powers in relation to transport matters in the Perth metropolitan region and on strategic issues across the state.
Committee membership

Coastal Planning and Coordination Council 
The council provides high-level strategic and integrated advice on the sustainable and coordinated planning and management of the Western Australian coast.
Committee membership

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