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The WAPC’s operational policies, often referred to as development control or DC policies, sit within a structure which is established under the State Planning Strategy and Statement of Planning Policy No.1 State Planning Framework.

Additional guidelines and manuals have also been prepared to assist in a variety of planning issues and are available at the Planning guidelines and manuals page.

The policies are reviewed regularly to ensure accuracy and consistency.


No. Policy  Date
1.1 Subdivision of Land - General Principles June 2004
1.2 Development Control - General Principles August 2004
1.3 Strata Titles June 2009
1.4 Functional Road Classification for Planning June 1998
1.5 Bicycle Planning July 1998
1.6 Planning to Support Transit Use and Transit Oriented Development January 2006
1.7 General Road Planning June 1998
1.8 Canal Estates and Artificial Waterway Developments May 2012
1.9 Amendments to region schemes March 2010
1.10 Location and Design of Freeway Service Centres
This policy is under revision. A draft Policy is available for download and public comment.
August 2001


No. Policy Date
2.2 Residential Subdivision August 2013
2.3 Public Open Space in Residential Areas May 2002
2.4 School Site October 1998
2.5 Special Residential Zones June 1998
2.6 Residential Road Planning June 1998


No. Policy Date
3.4 Subdivision of Rural Land February 2012

Industrial and commercial

No. Policy Date
4.1 Industrial Subdivision July 1988
4.2 Planning for Hazards and Safety June 1991

Land reserved by the Metropolitan Region Scheme

No. Policy Date
5.1 Regional Roads (Vehicular Access) June 1998
5.3 Use of Land Reserved for Parks and Recreation and Regional Open Space November 2011
5.4 Advertising on Reserved Land March 2005