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The Greater Bunbury Region Scheme (GBRS) is a region scheme for land use in the Greater Bunbury region.

This region stretches from Lake Preston in the north, Peppermint Grove Beach in the south, eastwards to Darling Scarp, and covers the City of Bunbury and the shires of Harvey, Dardanup and Capel.

It is estimated that by 2031 the population of the Greater Bunbury region will exceed 100 000 people. Therefore, it is important to ensure that there is an adequate supply of commercial, residential and industrial land as well as conserving key environmental features to provide future growth.

The GBRS defines the future of land use, dividing it into zones and reservations. Local governments will be required to provide detailed plans for their part of the region consistent with the GBRS.

The GBRS will use maps and scheme text. The scheme text provides planning rules for zones and reservations, which are shown on the maps in different colours and patterns.

This plan has been in operation since November 2007 and provides the legal basis for planning in the Greater Bunbury region.

To plan for changing needs, the Greater Bunbury Region Scheme map needs to be amended from time to time.