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The 2010 Urban Growth Monitor identifies the current stock of land zoned for urban development and is a comprehensive evaluation of urban growth trends covering more than 110,000 hectares of urban land across the Perth metropolitan, Peel and Greater Bunbury regions.

The Monitor identifies over 20,000 hectares of undeveloped land zoned for urban development across the three regions and an additional 6000 hectares that has been developed at very low densities.

Director General Eric Lumsden said this year’s report shows development of this land at historical urban densities and rates that could support urban expansion over the next 27 years.

"The Urban Growth Monitor is an important step in a more effective use of land to support Western Australia’s future economic development and population growth," Mr Lumsden said.

"This tracks urban zoned land supply, subdivision approvals, stock of vacant subdivided lots, rates of infill and trends in residential density," he said.

The 2010 Urban Growth Monitor now covers all three of the State’s region scheme areas and has been enhanced to include conditional strata subdivision approvals and a discussion on the 42,000 vacant lots providing additional supply to the total available urban land.

The Urban Growth Monitor is an integral part of the new Urban Development Program which monitors and coordinates land supply, development and infrastructure to deliver a more effective use of land, better staging of development and giving priority of infrastructure spending to support urban growth.