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The latest audit of existing coastal related plans and documents has been completed. Coastal local governments, aboriginal land managers, State government agencies and natural resource management groups were invited to participate in the survey between November 2016 and January 2017.

Previous surveys have resulted in published reports (see below), however this year, information collected is publicly available through the Department’s GIS tool PlanWA. This allows users to search by region or specific location to view the spatial extent and summary information on existing coastal plans and documents.

The survey builds on and updates information gathered from previous surveys conducted.

To view the coastal plans and documents collected state-wide visit PlanWA.

Helpful information when using PlanWA:

  • Click on ‘Map Layers’ from the home menu on the left hand side.
  • Select which planning regions you are interested in (all regions are turned on by default).
  • Note that ‘Statewide and Multiple Region’ is switched off by default to allow quicker loading time.
  • To find existing data in a specific location, right click on the area and select ‘Find data on the map’.
  • To find existing data in a wider area, click on ‘I want to…’ (top of page) and select ‘Find data on the map’. This allows you to draw a rectangle area to see what data exists within it.   
  • There is a ‘Search’ field on the top right corner to quickly zoom to specific locations.
  • For further tips view the PlanWA instructional video at the end of the PlanWA webpage.

Previous status reports: