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Congratulations to this year’s winners. Minister for Transport; Planning; Lands, Rita Saffioti announced the winners at the Awards Ceremony in Perth on 28 August 2017.

Western Australian Coastal Awards for Excellence 2017 (PDF 3MB)

2017 Winners:

  • Coastal Champion –  Dr Marjorie Apthorpe - Friends of North Ocean Reef–Iluka Foreshore
    • Special Commendation:  South West and Peel Coastal Management Group (CoastSWaP)
  • Community Group – South West and Peel Coastal Management Group (CoastSWaP) for assisting local coastal managers between Mandurah and Walpole to address priority coastal management issues.
  • Local Government – City of Joondalup for raising community awareness of future risks associated with coastal inundation and erosion to the coastline.
    • Special Commendation:  City of Cockburn for the Coogee Maritime Trail, a sustainable eco-tourism initiative providing opportunities for community education and marine archaeological training.
  • On-ground Coastal Management – Batavia Coast Maritime Institute for protecting and restoring native flora and habitat at the Houtman Abrolhos Islands.
    • Special Commendation:  Shire of Northampton for protecting the coastal environment at Lucky Bay.
  • Coastal Planning - Cockburn Sound Coastal Alliance for the Cockburn Sound Coastal Vulnerability and Flexible Adaptation Pathways project.
    • Special Commendation:  South West Catchments Council in recognition of the strategic regional coastal plan for managing coastal areas between Binningup and Walpole.
  • Coastal Development / Design / Tourism Initiative
    • Special Commendation:  City of Karratha for foreshore works at the Karratha Searipple Precinct, Point Samson and Dampier.
  • Industry and Community Collaboration - Woodside Energy and Conservation Volunteers Australia for the Woodside Coastal Guardians Program.

Front row: Jen Mitchell - South West Catchments Council, Clemency Whittle - Conservation Volunteers Australia, Ryan Hall - City of Karratha, Rita Saffioti - Minister for Transport; Planning; Lands, Colin Johnson - Batavia Coast Maritime Institute, Maryke Grey - Batavia Coast Maritime Institute, Samantha Courtney - Batavia Coast Maritime Institute.

Back row: Blair Darvill - CoastSWaP, Peter Eastlake - CoastSWaP, Don Poynton - on behalf of Dr Marjorie Apthorpe, Lucy Sheehy - City of Joondalup, Councillor Lyndsey Sweetman - City of Cockburn, Charles Sullivan - City of Cockburn, Doug Vickery - Cockburn Sound Coastal Alliance, Mic Payne - NACC on behalf of Shire of Northampton.  

2013 Winners:

  • Individual Contribution – Kimberly Onton (Birdlife Australia – Shorebirds 2020).
  • Community Group Effort – Conservation Volunteers Australia for the Coastal Guardians project.
    • Special Commendation:  Capes Volunteer Team – Cape to Cape Catchments Group for coastal rehabilitation work following the 2011 Margaret River bushfires.
  • Coastal Heritage Preservation – Curtin University Sustainable Policy Institute in partnership with the Western Australia Marine Science Institute for the Seeing Change: A photographic story from Abrolhos fishers project.
  • Coastal Environmental Initiative – Tangaroa Blue Foundation for the Australian Marine Debris Initiative.
  • Coastal Development/Design – Department of Environment and Conservation – Midwest Region for the Kalbarri National Park – Coastal Cliffs Restoration Project.
  • Coastal/Marine Research or Education – Dunsborough Primary School and Geographe Catchment Council for Bay OK Day.

2011 Winners:

  1. Individual Contribution (2 awards) – Robyn Benken (Cottesloe Coastcare Association) and Brad Kneebone (Lowlands Coastcare Group / South Coast Management Group).
  2. Community Group Effort (2 awards) – Geographe Catchment Council for the “Bay OK” Project and Parry Beach Voluntary Management Group.
  3. Coastal Partnership - City of Albany / Elleker Progress & Sporting Assoc. / Southern Aboriginal Corporation / South Coast NRM Noongar Works Team / South Coast Management Group for the Environmental Restoration Work Around Torbay Inlet.
  4. Indigenous Coastal Achievement- Bardi Jawi Rangers for the Bardi Jawi Cultural Experience Project (Broome).
  5. Coastal/Marine Research or Education - Albany Senior High School for the Albany Senior High School Marine Science Program.
  6. Coastal Development/Design - Blackwell & Associates Pty Ltd for the Leighton Foreshore Project.

2009 Winners:

  1. Individual Contribution – Kelly Howlett (Chairperson of the Care for Hedland Environmental Association).
  2. Community Group Effort - The Fitzgerald Biosphere Group/ Friends of the Wellstead Estuary Group for the Wellstead Estuary Project.
    • Special Commendation:  Tangaroa Blue Ocean Care Society for the South West Marine Debris Project.
    • Special Commendation:  Stirling Natural Environment Coastcare.
  3. Coastal Partnership - Care for Hedland Environmental Association, BHP Billiton, LandCorp and Town of Port Hedland for the Hedland Community Flatback Turtle Monitoring Program.
  4. Coastal Planning and Management - South Coast Management Group for the Southern Shores Regional Strategy (2009-2030).
  5. Coastal / Marine Research or Education - Marine Futures Project Team (incorporates the University of Western Australia) for the Securing WA's Marine Futures Project (2006-2008).
  6. Coastal Development / Design – Landcorp for the Pretty Pool Residential Estate, Port Hedland.
    • Special Commendation:  Shire of Augusta-Margaret River for the Augusta Foreshore Pathway.
  7. Coastal Protection and Conservation - Care for Hedland Environmental Association for the Hedland Community Flatback Turtle Monitoring Program.

2007 Winners:

  1. Outstanding Coastal Leadership - Mr Michael Norman from the Joondalup Community Coast Care Forum.
  2. Outstanding Community Group Effort - Roebuck Bay Working Group.
    • Special Commendation:  Tangaroa Blue Ocean Care Society for the South West Marine Debris Project.
  3. Outstanding Partnership in Coastal Planning and/or Management -Department of Environment & Conservation, Midwest Region for the Coastal Assessment and Restoration Project.
  4. Local Government Excellence in Coastal Planning and/or Management - Shire of Dandaragan for the Sandy Cape Restoration and Rehabilitation Project.
  5. Outstanding Coastal Development, Innovation and/or Design
    • Special Commendation:  Peet Limited for the Burns Beach Estate.

2005 Winners:

  1. Coastal leadership - Outstanding individual achievement - Malcolm Flett - Bouvard Coastcare Group
  2. Outstanding community group effort - Bouvard Coastcare Group and Wellstead Progress Association
  3. Outstanding coastal project
    a. onground - Career Enterprise Centre
    b. educational - Christmas Island District High School - Greta Beach Marine Debris project
    c. monitoring and identification - ape Conservation Group, WWF Australia and the Department of Conservation and Land Management for the Ningaloo Turtle Program
    d. planning - City of Joondalup - Coastal Foreshore Management “A New Approach”
  4. Outstanding Indigenous coastal achievement - Kimberley Aquaculture Aboriginal Corporation
  5. Local government excellence in coastal planning or management - Shire of Chapman Valley

2003 Winners:

  1. Coastal Leadership - Geoff Bastyan, Albany
  2. Outstanding Coastal Group Effort - Joint winners - Naragebup Rockingham Regional Environmental Centre and the Friends of Bluff Point Foreshore
  3. Outstanding Coastal Project - Friends of Bluff Point Foreshore for protecting and managing the local coastal reserve.
  4. Outstanding Indigenous Coastal Achievement Rubibi Land, Heritage and Development Group through the rehabilitation, maintenance and development of Minyirr Coastal Park, Broome
  5. Coastal Town Award - Shire of Esperance