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State Planning Policy 2.5: Rural Planning  (SPP 2.5) and Development Control Policy 3.4: Subdivision of rural land  (DC 3.4) are the State's key planning policies that guide decision-making on rural land, and for rural land uses.

The Rural Planning Guidelines (Guidelines) have been prepared to assist local governments and the planning industry in dealing with issues associated with planning for rural areas. The Guidelines provide explanatory detail to assist the implementation of SPP 2.5 and DC 3.4 and can be used in the preparation or review of regional schemes, regional strategies or frameworks, sub-regional strategies, local planning strategies and schemes, structure plans, other planning instruments such as local planning policies and any amendments to these documents.

In support of the Guidelines the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) has prepared Fact Sheets to assist planners in assessing development proposals for the following rural land uses: poultry farms, piggeries, and basic raw materials. 

The Department has developed a calculator as a method of assessing rainfall as an alternative water source for rural living proposals where reticulated water is not available.