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The group is a joint industry and government body re-established in February 2008 to provide independent commentary on the housing sector in WA.  The Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage and the Department of Communities jointly provide the HIFG secretariat and research function.

Membership of the group is drawn from major organisations associated with the housing and land development industry in Western Australia and from government.  Through its diverse membership, the group has access to considerable expertise and knowledge of the sector, including land development, real estate, the private rental market, social housing, building statistics, demographics, building resources and home finance.

HIFG Members – as at April 2018


Organisation represented

Alan Langford Bankwest
Nathan Viles Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA
John Gelavis Housing Industry Association
Jason Robertson Master Builders Association
Chris Green Urban Development Institute of Australia (WA)
Ronak Bhimjiani Real Estate Institute of WA
Adrian Warner Department of Communities
Rachael Champtaloup Property Council
Steven Rowley (Chair) AHURI - Curtin Research Centre
Brett Coombes Water Corporation
James Butterfield Landcorp
Jonathan Palmer Department of Treasury
John Chortis Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage
Dione Bilick Landgate



Organisation represented

James Yuen Office of Land and Housing Supply
Zaneta Georgievski Australian Bureau of Statistics



Organisation represented

Cassandra Winzar Department of Communities

Note: The following documents are not departmental publications. These reports have been produced by the Housing Industry Forecasting Group (HIFG).

Current Reports

HIFG April Update 2018

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HIFG October Report 2013
HIFG April Update 2013
HIFG October Report 2012
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HIFG Media Release April 2012
Presentation of October 2011 report by HIFG Chair on 1 November 2011
HIFG October Report 2011
HIFG April Update 2011
HIFG Media Release April 2011
HIFG October Report 2010
HIFG Media Release Oct 2010 - WA's housing construction sector expects a modest recovery in 2011-12

Previous Reports

Media Release - Strong recovery for WA’s housing construction in 2009-10
Housing Industry and Forecasting Group - Update April 2010
Media Release - Modest recovery for WA’s housing construction in 2009-10
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