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The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) responds to the strategic direction of government on urban, rural and regional land-use planning and land development matters throughout Western Australia. The Commission comprises a Chair and 16 members, representing industry, government and the community.

The WAPC is a statutory authority and operates with the support of the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage which provides professional and technical expertise, administrative services and corporate resources to assist its decision-making. 

The WAPC’s responsibilities include:
  • advising the Minister for Planning on strategic land-use planning and land development, legislation reform and local planning schemes; 
  • making statutory decisions on a range of planning application types; 
  • preparing and implementing the State Planning Strategy to provide a vision for the future development of Western Australia; 
  • preparing and amending State planning policies; 
  • approving integrated land-use planning strategies for the coordinated provision of transport and infrastructure for land development; 
  • preparing and reviewing region schemes to cater for anticipated growth; 
  • monitoring and forecasting land supply throughout the State and developing strategies to ensure the timely supply of affordable residential land; 
  • researching and developing planning methods and models relating to land-use planning, land development and associated matters; and 
  • acquiring land for public requirement reservations in region planning schemes and negotiating compensation for affected landowners.

Some WAPC functions such as decisions on subdivision and development applications are delegated to Department officers. Requests for deputations can be made to the Presiding Member of the Committee

Western Australian Planning Commission committees

Committees operated by the WAPC include:

Appointment to the Western Australian Planning Commission

Committee position nominations for WAPC, Statutory Planning Committee (SPC) and the Executive, Finance and Property Committee (EF&P) are now open.  Please read Call for Nominations for the WA Planning Commission and Committees for more information.

If you are interested in being appointed to the Western Australian Planning Commission or one of its committees, please complete the WAPC Membership - CV Proforma and forward it via email to advising which committee you are interested in. Your CV will be placed on file for a one year period and considered when vacancies arise during that year.

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