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The Department prepares the Urban Development Program and WA Tomorrow suite of products to support inter-agency decision-making about urban development and the provision of services to the community.

The Urban Development Program (UDP) coordinates and promotes the development of serviced land in a sustainable and timely manner for the guidance of State infrastructure agencies, public utilities, local governments and the private sector. The program tracks land demand and supply as well as proposed development and infrastructure in Western Australia’s major urban centres to promote a more effective use of land, better staging of development and giving priority of infrastructure investment to support urban growth. The UDP encompasses the former Metropolitan Development Program (MDP), Country Land Development Program (CLDP) and the Industrial Land Development Program (ILDP).

The Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, in its role as State Demographer, is responsible for preparing population forecasts for use across state government. WA Tomorrow is a series of population forecasts based on historical trends. The forecasts represent the best estimate of future population size if trends in fertility, mortality and migration continue. They are prepared using the best available data and established and new techniques for developing assumptions.

Demand, supply, future development and infrastructure

Perth and Peel Urban Land Development Outlook

  • Spatial plan and detailed tables
  • Perth metropolitan and Peel region                    

Perth and Peel Urban Development Outlook - demand and supply profiles

  • Perth and Peel land and housing demand and supply profile
  • Sub-regional land and housing demand and supply profiles


Regional Land Supply Assessments

  • Land and housing demand and supply for all land uses
  • High-growth regional centres (currently covers 19 towns and cities)

WA Tomorrow population forecasts

WA Tomorrow

  • Medium and long term population forecasts
  • Medium term household forecasts
  • Local government area, planning region, Australian Statistical Geography Standard areas and Western Australia

Land supply analysis

Urban Growth Monitor

  • Analysis and detailed modelling of supply and consumption of urban zoned land
  • Perth metropolitan, Peel and Greater Bunbury regions

Land and employment surveys

Developers' Intentions Survey

  • Intentions of land owners and developers to subdivide and develop land for all major land uses
  • State wide coverage

Land Use and Employment Survey

  • Survey of business activities and floor space
  • Assists in planning for future land use and employment development across Western Australia

Ancillary Dwellings Survey

  • Survey of ancillary dwelling units for which development applications were approved, and the number of building permits issued for ancillary dwellings
  • Covers the Perth metropolitan, Peel and Greater Bunbury regions

Planning and development statistics

State Lot Activity

  • Subdivision approvals covering applications submitted, pending, conditional approvals, developers' stock of approvals and final
    approvals for all land uses
  • State wide coverage
  • Released quarterly

State of Land and Housing Supply

  • Key statistical indicators of the planning and development pipeline
  • Statistics on land and housing supply
  • State wide coverage

Land Supply and Housing Activity

  • subdivision approvals covering applications submitted, pending, conditional approvals, developers' stock of approvals and final
    approvals for all land uses
  • State wide coverage

Housing Industry Forecasts

Housing Industry Forecasting Group

  • Dwelling commencement forecasts
  • State wide coverage (Perth metropolitan and rest of state)
  • Released biannually

Economic and Employment Lands

Economic and Employment Lands Strategy: non-heavy industrial

Economic and Employment Land Monitor

  • Land use characteristics of selected major industrial centres
  • Perth metropolitan region

Infrastructure mapping

Western Power Network Capacity Mapping Tool

  • Map viewer of the current and future electricity transmission, substation and distribution networks
  • Covers the South West Interconnected System

In addition, the UDP produces a number of reports produced for limited distribution including the results from the Developers Intentions Survey, Land Use and Employment Survey and Government infrastructure priorities.

Contact us if you would like more information on the UDP or WA Tomorrow