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Next Infrastructure Steering Group meeting will be held on 15 August 2017.

Next ICC SOG will be held on 20 September 2017.

Infrastructure Coordinating Committee

The ICC is the primary infrastructure coordinating body in WA. Comprising representatives from across key State government agencies, the ICC was established through legislation to advise the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) on planning for the provision of physical and community infrastructure throughout the State.

Infrastructure Coordinating Framework (ICF)

As part of the ICC’s objective to achieve efficient and coordinated infrastructure planning, an Infrastructure Coordinating Framework (ICF) has been developed. Facilitating greater alignment of strategic land use and infrastructure plans, the framework will support the implementation of the Government’s suite of strategic planning for Perth and Peel @ 3.5 Million documents.

The ICF complements the State Government’s Strategic Asset Management Framework (SAMF) by providing a whole of government infrastructure picture and will assist State Government agencies in the preparation of Strategic Asset Plans (SAPs).

Major Infrastructure Map 2016

The Major Infrastructure Map 2016 illustrates current infrastructure across the State. It includes significant settlements as per the State Planning Strategy.

The map has been prepared by the Department of Planning on behalf of the ICC for public use and was approved by the Western Australian Planning Commission in July 2016.

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