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Changes to subdivision application processing at our Perth Office

From 1 June 2017, conformance checking of subdivision applications at our Perth office will be available between 11 am–12 pm Monday to Friday only. Applications can be lodged in person at any other time, however will be treated the same as mailed applications and processed in the order they are received.

The Department’s preferred method of receiving subdivision applications is online through the ePlan electronic processing service.

ePlan electronic lodgement processing service

ePlan is a convenient and secure online service for the lodgement, payment and processing of planning subdivision and amalgamation applications.

Applications can be lodged through ePlan at any time and tracked easily at each stage of the decision-making process.

eLodgement is currently available for:

  • freehold or survey-strata subdivision and amalgamation applications
  • reconsideration of WAPC decisions on  freehold or survey-strata subdivision and amalgamation applications
  • endorsement of deposited plan, survey-strata plan or strata plan applications
  • amended plans for freehold or survey-strata subdivision and amalgamation applications
  • structure plan applications (by local government)
  • structure plan pre-lodgement (preliminary advice) (by proponent of local government).

PLEASE NOTE: Certain website browsers will not be supported for online payments in the near future. Please upgrade to a browser with TLS 1.1 (Transport Layer Security) or greater to make online payments.  Please visit our browser compatibility page for more information.

Applications for approval of freehold or survey starta subdivision (including online payment process).


Deposited Plans
Applications for endorsement of deposited plans, survey-strata plans or strata plans.


Structure Plan (19th October 2015)
Electronic lodgement of structure plans including pre-lodgement (preliminary advice), advertising notification, determination, modification, amendment, extension, further information.