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The WAPC’s operational policies are supported by a variety of planning guidelines and manuals to assist in a range of planning issues.

The policies are reviewed regularly to ensure accuracy and consistency.


Type Title Date
Fact sheets Diverse City by Design July 2015
Guidelines Structure Plan Framework October 2015
Guidelines Local Development Framework October 2015
Guidelines Tourism Planning Guidelines May 2014
Guidelines State Coastal Planning Policy Guidelines July 2013
Guidelines Rural Planning Guidelines February 2014
Guidelines Guidelines for Preparation of Integrated Transport Plans May 2012
Manual Local Planning Manual March 2010
Guidelines Better Urban Water Management October 2008
Manual Visual Landscape Planning in Western Australia April 2008
Guidelines Designing out Crime Guidelines June 2006
Guidelines For the Lifting of Urban Deferment November 2007
Manual Coastal Planning and Management Manual February 2005
Guidelines Transport Assessment Guidelines for Developments
Version for trial and evaluation
Version for trial and evaluation
August 2006
Guidelines The Design and Geometric Layout of Residential Road June 1998
Guidelines Acid Sulfate Soils Planning Guidelines April 2009
Manual Basic Raw Materials Applicants' Manual February 2009
Guidelines Planning in Bushfire Prone Areas December 2015
Guidelines Holiday Homes September 2009
Guidelines Reducing Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour in Pedestrian Access Ways October 2009
Guidelines Procedure for the Closure of Pedestrian Access Ways October 2009
Guidelines Road and Rail Transport Noise and Freight Considerations in Land Use Planning September 2009
Manual Enquiry-by-Design Workshop Process
- A Preparation Manual
April 2004
Guidelines Aboriginal Settlements Guideline 1 – Layout Plan Provisions July 2012
Guidelines Aboriginal Settlements Guideline 2 - Provision of Housing and Infrastructure March 2012
Guidelines Aboriginal Settlements Guideline 3 – Layout Plan Exclusion Boundaries July 2012
Guidelines IPWEA Subdivisional Engineering Guidelines - Edition 2.2 August 2012