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The current and existing State Planning Policy 4.1 State Industrial Buffer is available for reference. 

   State Planning Policy 4.1 State Industrial Buffer (Amended) (Draft)  (134.75 KB)

This policy applies statewide, to planning decision-making, and proposals which seek to provide for new industrial areas and uses, and essential infrastructure, sensitive land uses in proximity to existing industrial areas.

The objectives of the policy are to:

  • avoid conflict between industry and/or essential infrastructure and sensitive land uses;
  • protect industry and/or essential infrastructure from encroachment by those land uses that would be sensitive to impacts and adversely impact the efficient operations;
  • provide for the development of industry and/or the provision of essential infrastructure in a way that maximises amenity, minimises environmental and health impacts and takes account of risk to nearby sensitive land uses; and
  • promote compatible uses in areas affected by off-site impacts of industry and/or essential infrastructure.