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The Urban Growth Monitor reports on several key stages of the land supply process, however, its primary focus is the availability of land zoned for urban development. The GIS-based tiered land supply assessment model has been employed to provide a detailed analysis of the stock of land zoned urban or urban deferred within the Perth Metropolitan, Peel and Greater Bunbury region schemes.

In addition to the analysis of gross zoned land stocks, the Urban Growth Monitor provides detailed information and analysis on other key stages of the land supply process including:

  • consumption rates of urban zoned land;
  • how long the current land supply will last;
  • the rate of residential infill development in the Perth metropolitan and Peel regions; and
  • density trends.

The Urban Growth Monitor is prepared as a component of the Department of Planning’s Urban Development Program (UDP) for the Western Australian Planning Commission to fulfill its requirements for tracking and modelling land supply as outlined in the Planning and Development Act 2005.

The Urban Growth Monitor (previous editions)