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   Greater Bunbury Structure Plan 2013  (971.71 KB)

   Greater Bunbury Strategy 2013  (7501.00 KB)

The Greater Bunbury Strategy 2013 is a strategic plan to manage the growth of Greater Bunbury over the medium to long term planning horizon. It provides for the population of Greater Bunbury to grow from 83,598 people (2011 Census) to at least 150,000 people through urban infill, and some additional greenfields urban expansion areas. This is anticipated to cater for growth beyond the year 2050.

The Strategy is based on promoting a ‘compact and connected’ city that is resistant to uncontrolled urban growth. A major component of this philosophy is the active encouragement of residential infill and urban regeneration in the existing older established areas of Greater Bunbury.

Draft Strategy

The draft Greater Bunbury Strategy was released for a three month public consultation period in 2011.

During the public comment period, the Department of Planning consulted with local government and local government organisations, community members, developers and consultants through forums, workshops and industry events. More than 200 people attended eight public briefing sessions.

The Department also engaged in open dialogue with key stakeholder groups including: Water Corporation, Aqwest, Department of Transport, Main Roads WA, Public Transport Authority, Western Power, Department of Water, Department of Environment and Conservation, Department of Housing and Planning Institute of Australia.

A total of 69 written submissions were received during the public consultation period, with 53 private submissions and 16 from government and servicing agencies. 

A number of separate Technical Studies have been prepared to inform the Strategy.

These include:

Submissions received were considered by the Department of Planning and presented to the Western Australian Planning Commission. 

Several changes were subsequently made in the final Greater Bunbury Strategy 2013.

The key submissions and modifications are outlined in the document

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Brod Meredith
Planning Manager – Strategic Planning
Department of Planning – South West
Telephone: (08) 9791 0565