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   Urban forest of Perth and Peel statistical report  (1888.46 KB)

   Suburbs maps part 1  (9890.72 KB)

   Suburbs maps part 2  (10137.30 KB)

   North west maps  (6442.16 KB)

   North east maps  (5272.17 KB)

   Central maps  (11507.85 KB)

   South west maps  (4351.06 KB)

   South east maps  (4788.01 KB)

   Peel maps  (5524.58 KB)

The Department of Planning in close collaboration with the CSIRO have produced a report on the Urban Forest of Perth and Peel.

Through a combination of complex digital photography and mapping technology all trees three meters and above have been captured and combined into data sets on the urban tree canopy. The canopy data is quite detailed and based on 2009 digital photography.

Mapping of the canopy has occurred at the street level represented by road reserves the street block and the suburb scale. This provides a highly accurate baseline for comparing the tree canopy over time and as a management tool.

This information has been developed to assist Local Governments and the community to track trends in the tree canopy within their suburb and allows the further development of strategies to assist managing this green infrastructure over time.