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Draft North-East sub-regional planning framwork pdf 14.5MB

A high resolution copy is now available for download.  Please note this is a large file and may take some time to download.  We suggest saving this publication to your computer and opening it in a PDF viewer. 

Alternatively, this publication is available for download in parts at a lower resolution below.

The North-East sub-region comprises the City of Swan and the shires of Mundaring and Kalamunda and covers 2,010 square kilometres.

The draft framework considers where future homes and jobs will be located; what community and social infrastructure will be required; better integrated use of existing infrastructure; protection of important environmental assets and critical services; and staging and sequencing of future development.

Key facts:

  • the population will more than double from 209,156 (2011) to 450,590 (2050)
  • there is sufficient urban and employment  land to accommodate this growth
  • an additional  102,554 dwellings will be required
  • the area will need approximately 187,986 (2050) jobs, up from 82,379 (2011) 
  • economic self-sufficiently (living and working in the same sub-region) will increase to 83 per cent by 2050
  • 40 per cent of the land in the sub-region is reserved parks and recreation or State forest.