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   Shenton Park Draft Improvement Scheme text  (1898.96 KB)

   Shenton Park Draft Improvement Scheme map  (100.98 KB)

   Shenton Park Draft Structure Plan  (1609.58 KB)

   Shenton Park Draft Scheme Report  (4785.37 KB)

   Shenton Park Draft Single and grouped dwelling design guidelines  (9561.16 KB)

   Shenton Park Draft Mixed use and multi dwelling design guidelines  (13751.55 KB)

   Appendix A - Certificate of Title and Sketch  (1243.77 KB)

   Appendix B - Opportunities and Constraints Plan  (12709.75 KB)

   Appendix C - GHD Environmental Report 2015  (12087.37 KB)

   Appendix C - PGV Environmental Report 2015  (10548.07 KB)

   Appendix D - Transport Assessment Report  (9867.41 KB)

   Appendix E - Engineering  (16198.05 KB)

   Appendix F - Local Water Management Strategy  (8865.15 KB)

   Appendix G - Bushfire Management Plan  (5054.16 KB)

   Appendix H - Heritage Thematic Framework  (5939.74 KB)

   Appendix I - Landscape Master Plan  (11702.48 KB)

   Appendix J - Aboriginal Heritage Report  (3299.28 KB)

   Appendix K - Pre-Lodgement Schedule  (1184.70 KB)

The draft Shenton Park Hospital Redevelopment Improvement Scheme is now closed for public comment.

Following completion of Fiona Stanley Hospital, the Shenton Park Rehabilitation Hospital ceased operations in 2014 and the site is now surplus to requirements. A draft Improvement Scheme has been prepared to guide the redevelopment of the site into an urban village of exceptional design, providing a flagship example of infill development within Perth’s central suburbs. 

The draft Scheme sets out to balance the existing environmental, heritage and strategic value of the site and to establish a vibrant residential and mixed-use precinct with a range of dwelling types that enhance housing diversity and density within the area.

On gazettal, the Improvement Scheme will become the operative planning scheme for the former hospital site, and the local planning schemes (City of Nedlands and City of Subiaco) and the Metropolitan Region Scheme will cease to be in effect for the Improvement Scheme site. 

More information on the redevelopment of Shenton Park Rehabilitation Hospital is available on the Landcorp website at

Submissions closed Monday 18 April 2016.

For more information please contact the Project Manager on 6551 9201 or via email to