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The draft Picton Industrial Park Southern Precinct District Structure Plan (DSP) was released for public comment. Submissions closed 10 February 2017.

Late submissions will not be considered.


The draft Picton Industrial Park Southern Precinct DSP  sets out the principal planning requirements, strategic land-use planning policies and aspirations for the area, east of the existing urban area of Bunbury. Once finalised, the plan will provide the strategic direction to local governments, State Government agencies and developers for appropriate general industrial development in the DSP area.

The DSP covers a total area of approximately 520 hectares, which are divided into four broad precincts. Of this, about 375 hectares is identified for industrial development, of which about 70 hectares is already developed and occupied for industrial uses. The remaining 155 hectares is identified for reservation for railway uses (66 hectares), primary roads (6 hectares), regional open space (16 hectares), public utilities (7 hectares) and public spaces (5 hectares). 31 hectares retained as rural due to its conservation value.

The draft DSP represents the latest district structure plan for the wider Preston Industrial Park (2950 hectares), originally identified as a long-term industrial area for Greater Bunbury in the Bunbury Wellington Region Plan  and then in the Industry 2030.