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   Draft GBRS Floodplain Management Strategy  (2930.05 KB)

   Draft GBRS Strategic Agricultural Resource Policy  (3092.01 KB)

   Draft GBRS Strategic Minerals and Basic Raw Materials Resource Policy  (3115.89 KB)

The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is seeking public comment on the above three draft revised policies under the Greater Bunbury Region Scheme. They are:

  • Floodplain Management Strategy
  • Strategic Agricultural Resource Policy
  • Strategic Minerals and Basic Raw Materials Resource Policy.

The WAPC will consider all submissions received before the final documents are released. When making a submission, please:

  • clearly state your opinion and the reasons for your opinion
  • if possible, outline possible alternatives or  solutions to your area of interest
  • if possible, include the section or page number which relates to your area of interest
  • provide any additional information to support your comments.

Making a submission

Submissions can be made online:

by email to

or by post to:
Greater Bunbury Region Scheme
WA Planning Commission
6th Floor, Bunbury Tower
61 Victoria Street
Bunbury WA 6230

For more information on making a submission, please email or telephone (08) 9791 0577.

Submissions close 5pm, Wednesday 8 February 2017.