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The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is seeking public comment on the new Development Control Policy 4.3 – Planning for High-Pressure Gas Pipelines (DC 4.3).

It is intended that DC 4.3 will replace Planning Bulletin 87 – High-Pressure Gas Transmission Pipelines in the Perth Metropolitan Region. The documents include:

  • A new Development Control policy providing guidance for planning near high-pressure gas pipelines across the State at all levels of the planning system.
  • Draft Guidelines to provide explanatory information in support of DC 4.3 to ensure that the policy is interpreted and implemented correctly and consistently.
  • Policy trigger distance mapping available at PlanWA.

Together, these documents will ensure that planning and development proposals address high-pressure gas pipelines appropriately and consistently in consultation with all relevant stakeholders.


Submissions closed 5pm, Tuesday 28 February 2017.