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State planning policies are prepared and adopted by the WAPC under statutory procedures set out in part 3 of the Planning and Development Act 2005. The process of preparing a state planning policy also includes public consultation and consideration by the Planning Minister and the Governor.

The WAPC and local governments must have 'due regard' to the provisions of state planning policies when preparing or amending local planning schemes and when making decisions on planning matters. The State Administrative Tribunal is also required to take account of state planning policies when determining appeals.

State planning policies provided here are not necessarily the official gazetted copies. Gazetted copies should be obtained from the State Law Publisher.

 No. Title Date
1 State Planning Framework Policy (Variation No 2) February 2006
2 Environment and Natural Resources Policy June 2003
2.1 Peel-Harvey Coastal Plain Catchment Policy February 1992
2.2 Gnangara Groundwater Protection August 2005
2.3 Jandakot Groundwater Protection Policy June 1998
2.4 Basic Raw Materials July 2000
2.5 Land Use Planning in Rural Areas November 2013
2.6 State Coastal Planning Policy July 2013
2.7 Public Drinking Water Source Policy June 2003
2.8 Bushland Policy for the Perth Metropolitan Region June 2010
2.9 Water Resources December 2006
2.10 Swan-Canning River System December 2006
3 Urban Growth and Settlement March 2006
3.1 Residential Design Codes August 2013
3.2 Aboriginal Settlements May 2011
3.4 Natural Hazards and Disasters April 2006
3.5 Historic Heritage Conservation May 2007
3.6 Development Contributions for Infrastructure November 2009
3.7  State Planning Policy 3.7 - Planning in Bushfire Prone Areas December 2015
4.1 State Industrial Buffer Policy May 1997
4.2 Activity Centres for Perth and Peel August 2010
4.3 Poultry Farms Policy December 1998
5.1 Land Use Planning in the Vicinity of Perth Airport
July 2015
5.2 Telecommunications Infrastructure September 2015 
5.3 Jandakot Airport Vicinity March 2006
5.4 Road and Rail Transport Noise and Freight Considerations in Land Use Planning September 2009
6.1 Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge Policy January 2003
6.3 Ningaloo Coast August 2004

Draft policies

 No. Title Date
2.3 Jandakot Groundwater Protection (Draft) August 2014
4.1 State Industrial Buffer (Amended) (Draft) July 2009
5.3 Land Use Planning in the Vicinity of Jandakot Airport (Draft)  December 2015
2.5 Rural Planning Policy (Draft) September 2015