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State of land and housing supply

The State of land and housing supply is a dynamic online tool that provides current and time series statistical data on key demand drivers in addition to the supply status of land and housing. Data is available for all local government areas in Western Australia.

Key statistical data sets include:

  • population and population forecasts
  • labour force
  • incomes
  • zoned land
  • planning approvals
  • vacant lots with water services
  • lot listings
  • building approvals
  • total dwelling stocks
  • property listings

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Prepared by the Department of Planning for the Western Australian Planning Commission as part of the Urban Development Program.

In cooperation with the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia, the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Landgate, Water Corporation and the Department of Education, Employment and Work Place Relations.

Conditions of Use: This service has been published by the Western Australian Planning Commission. Any representation, statement, opinion or advice expressed or implied in this service is made in good faith and on the basis that the government, its employees and agents are not liable for any damage or loss whatsoever which may occur as a result of action taken or not taken, as the case may be, in respect of any representation, statement, opinion or advice referred to herein. Professional advice should be obtained before applying the information contained in this document to particular circumstances.

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Published July 2011
Last Updated February 2015

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