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Interim guidance for non-residential car parking requirements

The State Government is developing guidance to provide a more consistent approach to non-residential car parking.

The Action Plan for Planning Reform released in August 2019, incorporates various actions aimed at making planning systems more consistent and efficient. This includes developing consistent car parking requirements in commercial and mixed-use centres.

To implement the above, draft interim guidance has been developed to provide consistent car parking requirements for non-residential land uses in Perth and Peel, to support the review of car parking rates under local planning frameworks whilst more comprehensive longer term actions are completed. The draft guidance provides minimum and maximum car parking rates which can be applied to non-residential uses in the following areas:

  • Commercial/Mixed Use areas in activity centres and precincts
  • Service Commercial zone
  • Industrial zones including Light Industry, General Industry, Strategic Industry, and Industrial Development

Although this guidance is targeted at local governments within Perth and Peel, where appropriate, this guidance can also be applied to areas external to this region.

Further information on these changes, including the proposed draft guidance document and background report, can be found in the documentation below.

Consultation on the draft guidance document was undertaken in April to May 2023. The Department is now in the process of reviewing and analysing the submissions received, to help with the identification of refinements to the proposals.