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Significant Development Pathway

A new, permanent application pathway for significant developments has been introduced as part of the State Government's Planning Reform agenda.

The Part 11B Significant Development Pathway to assess and determine major developments came into effect on 1 March 2024.

Part 11B replaces the Part 17 option established in 2020 by the State Government as a temporary pathway for significant projects to support COVID-19 economic recovery. While the Part 17 pathway has now closed, Form 17C Amendment Applications can still be lodged. The permanent pathway is a refined version of Part 17, with proactive case management of referrals to State agencies through the new State Referral Coordination Unit

Similar to Part 17, a 'significant development' in Part 11B is one valued at $20 million or more in the Perth and Peel regions and $5 million or more everywhere else. Part 11B will be determined by the Statutory Planning Committee of the Western Australian Planning Commission while the Commission continues to determine the remaining Part 17 applications. The State Development Assessment Unit within the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage will continue to assess Significant Development applications. 

Comparison of Part 11B and Part 17 Significant Development pathways

 Part 17Part 11B

Assessed by

State Development Assessment Unit

State Development Assessment Unit

Statutory timeframe

As soon as practicable

120 days (with stop-the-clock)

Pre-lodgement meeting

Strongly recommended


State referrals

Managed by State Development Assessment Unit

Managed by new State Referral Coordination Unit

Local Government referrals

Opportunity to make submissions, generally within 42 days

Opportunity to make submissions within 60 days

Public consultation

Minimum 28 days

Minimum 28 days

Planning Framework

Must have 'due regard' and not bound by planning instruments

Retain ability to vary requirements of a local planning scheme, with new parameters


Western Australia Planning Commission

Statutory Planning Committee

AmendmentsLimited to one application to extend substantial commencement deadline; no limit on changes to plansNumber of applications to amend not limited