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Western Australian Planning Commission resolutions and instruments of delegation

The Planning and Development Act 2005 (section 16) provides for the delegation of the functions of the WAPC.

Delegations are made by resolution to a member, committee, officer of the WAPC, public authority or a local government. The delegation takes effect when the notice of resolution is published in the Government Gazette.

MIN DEL 2023 – Ministerial Delegation to Officer (Section 83A)

DEL 2022/07 Powers of Officers (Housing Authority) (Strata Titles Act)

DEL 2022/05 Powers of Local Governments (PRS)

DEL 2022/04 Powers of Officers (Housing Authority)

DEL 2022/02 – Powers of Officers (Department of Finance)

DEL 2022/01 – Powers of Officers (Department of Transport (Maritime matters))

AUTH 2016/2 - Authorisation Instrument from the Minister for Lands (to local government CEO’s)

AUTH 2016/01 - Authorisation Instrument from the Minister of Lands

DEL 2011/04 - Powers of Officers (Swan River Trust)

DEL 2011/01 - Powers of Local Governments (Hope Valley-Wattleup Redevelopment Act 2000 and Master Plan)

DEL 2008/14 - Powers of local governments (Ningaloo Coast RIDO 2007)

DEL 2008/10 - Powers of officers (Department of Environment and Conservation)

DEL 2008/09 - Powers of Commissioner of Main Roads

DEL 2008/08 - Powers of officers (Whiteman Park)

DEL 2007 - Power of Delegation - to appoint nominated proxies to planning committees