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Help using the Planning Online Portal

Guides and FAQ to help you navigate the online planning application processes.

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Planning Online is your one-stop shop for planning in Western Australia.

The new portal has refined and streamlined the online planning application lodgement process, providing users with enhanced flexibility and functionality. 

This page provides “How to” details, through comprehensive step-by-step guides on how to register or sign in to your new lodgement account, and instructive videos on specific lodgement types. Following the guides is an FAQ section about using the portal and subdivision lodgements.

If you have any queries, please contact the Planning Online Team at [email protected].

How to guides Instructional videos

Subdivision lodgement overview

Guide to lodging an application for subdivision (Form 1A or Form 15A).

Endorsement overview

Guide to lodging an application for endorsement of a plan (Form 1C or Form 15C).

Development lodgement overview

Guide to lodging a development application and supporting documents.

Other lodgement overview

Guide to lodging other types of applications such as a structure plan, amended subdivision plan or request for reconsideration.

Referral Response overview

Guide to providing a referral response to a subdivision referral.
Portal FAQ

Using the Portal FAQ

Any company or individual wanting to submit a subdivision application can use Planning Online. A short registration process is required.
When you navigate to the portal you will be given options to sign in or register. For more information, see the help guides at the top of this page.
Traditional methods of lodgement are still available. Applications can be posted by mail to: WAPC, Locked Bag 2506, Perth WA 6001, or delivered in person to Level 2, 140 William Street, Perth. (from 8:30am to 4:30pm)
For individual registrations, only you (the individual) can access your login. For companies that require multi-user access, users can be authorised to represent the company.
Yes. If you wish to have licensed surveyor, planning consultant, administrator or other representative apply on your behalf, you must provide them with a signed letter of consent that they can upload to the 'Consent to apply' section of Planning Online.
Yes. Planning Online allows applicants to refer payment to a third party (pay by anyone option).
You must save your application at each step in the process. If you do not save your application, the application data entered will be lost.
Changes to your email address can be made in your profile page.
Subdivision applications FAQ

Subdivision applications FAQ

The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) collects fees for applications made under the Planning and Development Act 2005 and the Strata Titles Act 1985 and associated regulations. Fees for an application can be viewed on page 5 of the following link: Application Guide - Subdivision Applications and Fees Application for Approval of Freehold, Survey-Strata.

The application fee is payable once the lodgement of an application has been verified by the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage and the application can then be conformed. Payment is made online using the secure easy payment facility. The WAPC reviews its fees annually and all fees are exempt from GST.

  • A copy of the subdivision plan 
  • Current Record of Certificate of Title/s 
  • Landowner(s) consent to the subdivision proposal 
  • Supporting documentation (cover letter; subdivision report, other required documents listed on the subdivision form) as applicable 

All subdivision plans must be based on an accurate and up-to-date feature survey (survey of existing physical features and improvements such as driveways and buildings). A feature survey is not required when applying for amalgamation approval. 

An application in Planning Online is easy to navigate, the system will prompt you for the required information as you move through the lodgement steps. 

The time taken to complete an application will depend on the complexity of the subdivision. Likewise, the assessment process depends on the number of applications received at any one time. Existing statutory timeframes for assessing an application apply (see section 143(2) of the Planning and Development Act 2005).
If you need to add more information to your application, please email your request with your Lodgement ID to [email protected].
Yes. If you need to make a minor change to your proposed subdivision plan you must submit a Form 2A Application together with the amendment plan. If you lodged your original application online, you can also lodge your amendment application online. Fees do apply and are listed in this FAQ section under What are the fees.
Yes. You can lodge a re-subdivision of an existing survey strata. If the application is a built strata (Form 15A) then it may be forwarded to the relevant local government in accordance with existing delegation orders.

If your application is deemed not to comply with the submission requirements, you will receive a notification in the portal and an email outlining the reasons. You will need to amend your application and re-submit it. This can be done through the Planning Online Portal. 

Yes. You can track your application in the Planning Online Portal.

You can cancel your application at any time. This needs to be requested by email to WAPC, with the authority of the landowner/s provided. All cancellations are to be sent to [email protected].

The application fee may be partly or fully refundable. A request in writing can be submitted to [email protected] explaining why a refund is requested and for which application type. The request will be reviewed and determined by management.
A copy of your application can be downloaded.
Information to help applicants respond to questions regarding acid sulphate soils is available on the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation website.
Information to help applicants respond to questions regarding contaminated sites is available on the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation website.
Information to help applicants respond to questions regarding bushfire management is on the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage website.