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State Referral Co-ordination Unit

The State Referral Co-ordination Unit has been established within the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage to co-ordinate State Government agency referral advice, initially to support the permanent significant development pathway.

What is the State Referral Co-ordination Unit and its role?

A new State Referral Co-ordination Unit (Referral Unit) has been established within the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, reporting to the Director General, to coordinate State Government agency referral advice on planning applications.  The initial focus of the Referral Unit will be to coordinate advice for significant development applications submitted to the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) for approval under Part 11B of the Planning and Development Act 2005. The role of the Referral Unit is advisory only, it is not the decision maker for development applications. 

The Referral Unit will centrally manage the state referral process for all significant development applications that require the input of State Government agencies and departments. The Referral Unit will provide a single state referral response that represents a 'whole of government' response on the development proposal.  Other referrals, including Local Government and where relevant Design Review, will be via the Significant Development Pathway Assessment Unit.

How does the Unit work?

The Referral Unit provides a case management approach for managing the state referrals process, including:

  • Supporting a pre-lodgement service to assist proponents preparing assessment ready development applications
  • Ensuring prompt and accurate referrals of significant development applications to the appropriate State Government agencies and departments while facilitating timely feedback from these agencies to the Referral Unit
  • Collaborating with state referral agencies to consider the proposal holistically from a state-wide perspective
  • Coordinating inputs from different State Government agencies to provide a single referral response to the WAPC for significant development applications

When is the Referral Unit involved?

The Referral Unit provides a service to the Significant Development Pathway Assessment Unit, offering advice and assistance during the pre-lodgement, formal application, and post-approval processes. The Referral Unit's involvement in the assessment process for a significant development application is at the request of the Significant Development Pathway Assessment Unit when coordinated state government agency referral advice is required.  

Utilising the Referral Unit effectively as part of pre-lodgement could contribute to a streamlined formal development assessment pathway.

To discuss the Referral Unit, contact: [email protected]

To discuss the Significant Development Pathway, contact [email protected]